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           Welcome to the online Hamster Bomb shop! Here you can use PayPal to set up orders to get some of our comics and such shipped to you. Any and all orders are greatly appreciated!
          *For International readers* Send me an email before placing an order so I can calculate shipping to your country and add it to my shipping options in the checkout!
We add self-seal and boarded backing for an extra dollar, which goes a long way for protecting comics through shipment. Also, we don't charge for signing!
The Limited Variant comics are copies of an Issue 1 of a series, but only 50 are ever printed with this alternate cover design. All Limited Variant copies are signed by both creators, and numbered 1-50. They also come with self-seal and backing. Variant price changes based on availability.
When placing an order over email, specify which comics you'd like based on our drop-down menu below.
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 Coming soon:
          R: Issue 2
          Dawn: Issue 2
Are 11x17, and printed on thick premium quality HP photo paper with a shine finish. We still don't charge for signing here, and to show up on that colorful poster we use high quality silver paint markers. Posters are shipped in tubes as to not get creased.
The shirts are full color prints on white Gildan 5000 t-shirts. It has a Hamster Bomb design with half R and half Dawn characters as silhouettes overlapping three huge Goz on the R side, and a dragon on the Dawn side. Wash it with cool water and let it hang dry. Sizes come in medium, large, and extra large.
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We also have smaller fun stuff like chibi Ventice stress balls (I'm not even kidding- people won't put them down at conventions) pens, and Hamster Bomb stickers. These really don't have prices yet as they're pretty limited, but with a large order we may just throw in some extra stuff like this or even some signed sketches just to say thank you! Everything you purchase helps us continue making more comics- and we appreciate every single order we make! Thank you for keeping us going!